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Beyond the Bubble Bath: Wellness Awareness for All

DISCLAIMER: the images used in this article and throughout the series are not the property of MBMW and have been provided through reputable sources.


In the modern age of Girl Boss Empires & Hustle All Day, we are seeing more and more people burning out. What is it that’s so appealing to working yourself to death? For some its the desire to look picture perfect on social media. For others it’s the pressures from those who came before us to do as much as they did in a vastly different social and economic environment. Or the way they were raised to believe that they are unworthy if they are not working. But why has the rat race extended into our homes? Our brains, and our hearts?

The same world that is exhausting us and burning us out is also just as quick to capitalize on this ‘self care industry’. Overpriced lotions and scented candles, boho inspired shops full of essential oils, and of course the face mask/ bath bomb industry. Self care has been commercialized and packaged in a way that has caused us to believe we can fix all our problems with a single bubble bath.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever googled ‘self care’ and immediately been met with a pretty list of to do’s that has “bubble bath” listed in its top three. I know I have. While doing research for this series I encountered no less then TWENTY lists proclaiming the magical healing properties of the bubble bath.

I gotta admit, bubble baths kinda underwhelm me the majority of the time. I love the concept of it, I really do. Especially with some Epson salts and maybe an overpriced bath bomb. (Man, I shudder to think how much money I used to spend at Lush trying to unlock inner peace.) But in all reality, bubble baths are heavily ‘meh’ to me. The water is either too hot, or if it’s a comfortable temperature to step into, it gets cool too quickly. Then I’m playing this constant battle of either letting my feet or my knees or my breasts freeze out of the water. I can’t be the only one.

I can only fully submerge my entire body in the water if I contort myself into a weird position, which is not at all comfortable, nor relaxing. Then comes my mind, nagging at me all the things I could be doing rather then hanging out in filthy bath water... Perhaps my tune would change if I had a large claw foot tub, deep enough to cover my entire body. I try to love bubble baths, I really do. I mean, if I say I dislike them, I’m pretty sure someone in a Men in Black suit is going to appear and snatch my girl card away. Then again, I dislike Pumpkin Spice Latte’s and I never have- probable never will own a pair of Uggs. So maybe I lost it a long time ago...


If you’re anything like me and bubble baths are not for you, then this upcoming self care series might be just what you need. Even if you LOVE bubble baths, you can still join us. AND while our content may appear to be geared towards women, we welcome everyone to take part In this series.

Each Wednesday for the month of September (2019) we are going to be exploring our health and wellness as living, breathing, feeling humans. In a world that throws the term self love and self care around like a magic product you can purchase from some influencer on Instagram we are going to go deep. We are going to get real.

Each week we will talk about the fundamentals of each core pillar of wellness. We are going to revolutionize the self care & self love movement. There will be fun and simple worksheets to guide you through with weekly challenges and journal prompts. There is also the chance to discuss your journey with the Mama’s and other participants in the private Facebook group.

We will be your cheerleaders, your accountability partners- and most importantly- your support system.



Itching to get started?

EXCELLENT! Here’s how we are going to break this down.


Week One: September 4th

We will focus on BODY. We will talk about actual care of physical self in a practical way. We will touch on confidence and loving the skin you are in. We will also explore your habits, hygiene and the ways you fuel your greatest tool.

Week Two: September 11th

We’ll go a little deeper and explore the MIND. The intellectual and mental aspects of self care-yes there is a difference. We are also going to be getting in touch with those pesky emotions. Allowing them the educate you, rather then control you.

Week Three: September 18th

This is where shit might get a little intense if it hasn’t already. We’re going to delve into your SOUL. We’re going to examine spirituality,- whatever that means to you. Even if you aren’t a religious person, this is still worth your time. We are also going to look at your social situations, relationships and recognize the positive effects of those around you that you can harness. AND those who may be effecting you negatively, whom you may want to let go of.

Week Four:

A bit like a bonus article, where we will finish up with a final study on WE CARE. This post will delve into self care principles for families and couples. Self care and self love is a beautifully selfish practice, but it doesn’t always have to be a lonely one. Find out just what we mean September 25th.

Please follow the link to join the private Facebook group.

Here you will get access to the handpicked, empowering Spotify playlist and the workbook. There will be exclusive conversation, videos and bonus content ( such as extra challenges and live chats ) to experience in the group. We hope you interact with us, but feel free to be a wallflower if it makes you more comfortable.



-something to write on & something to write with

(If you needed an excuse to buy a new journal, this is it.)

-a calendar

(physical or digital as per your preference)

-patience (with yourself).

It is okay to stop & start over.

-an open mind (We’re going to have a lot of fun, and we’re going to dig deep.)

Stay with us ‘till the end.

-An accountability partner/friend to go on this journey with.

(Don’t forget to join our FB Group!

-a Spotify account so you can listen to the hand picked theme songs for this series.

(Link available ONLY in FB Group)

Share this post, tag your friends, wrangle your lover. This is open to all, not just mama’s. See you in September!!

-Mama Bear 🐻

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