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Meet the Mama's

Welcome to Surviving Motherhood, I hope you brought rations! 

Let me introduce myself, my name is Candase (aka Mama Wolff), one half of an amazing super mom duo! I live in Alberta Canada and I am blessed with an incredible husband, Papa Wolff and a beautiful, energetic and soulful 19-month-old daughter. My little “moon” as I affectionally call her, has radically changed our lives and has catapulted me into a whole new realm of motherhood I was not fully prepared for.

Spending time connecting with other moms in a safe, judgment free, loving environment is all I could ever hope for. Sharing my journey with honesty and inspiring other mothers to do the same is what brought Mama Bear & Mama Wolff to light. Motherhood is filled with so many ups and downs and unsolicited advice all rolled up into a pile of mom guilt. I wanted to create a platform where other mothers could see that they aren’t alone and open the floor to different and sometimes difficult conversations. Thankfully I have an incredible partner in crime to help create and build a space of love, light and a little sass.

Grab a coffee (or wine) and hang on, it’s going to be a wild ride.


Welcome to this space; created just for you. We intentionally have geared our content towards moms, but we encourage and welcome dad’s with open arms as well.


I am Cathrine; the mountain mama bear. I am an advocate for normalizing whatever works for you and your family. In mine that is attachment parenting with a splash of Montessori. We are currently breastfeed and bed-sharing and loving life as family of three.


In motherhood I found my purpose, my passion & my peace. Passion for creating a beautiful world for my daughter. The purpose for creating positive change in the world, spreading hope, and inspiring those around me. And creating a peaceful place for honesty, open heart discussion between those who dare to raise wild littles, like Mama Wolff & I.


Please interact through Instagram, email & post comments to let us know how we can support your journey.

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